Dairy Data Shakes Up Milk Recording in Munster

In a recent article by Breifne O’Brien on the Agriland website, Dairy Data is featured as a new startup company entering the milk recording sphere.

Link to article on Agriland Site.

Here is a summary of the article.

Tipperary dairy farmer James Cleary is making a name for himself with his new milk recording company, Dairy Data. Established in 2023, Dairy Data is attracting a growing base of customers in north Tipperary and surrounding counties.

Dairy Data joins the ranks of established Milk Recording Organisations (MROs) like Munster Bovine, Progressive Genetics, and Tipperary Co-op. They offer two standard service options: technician-operated recording and Electronic DIY recording.

Milk recording history

What sets Dairy Data apart?

  • Local Expertise: Founded by a local dairy farmer, Dairy Data understands the specific needs of Tipperary farmers.
  • Flexible Scheduling: They work around your milking schedule to ensure a smooth recording process.
  • Personalized Support: Dairy Data goes beyond recording. They help farmers interpret reports and implement herd improvements.
  • Competitive Rates: Dairy Data offers competitive pricing for their services.
  • Experienced Technicians: If you prefer technician-operated recording, their staff can handle the job efficiently.
  • Wide Range of Parlours: They have experience recording milk in various parlour setups, from small 6-unit parlours to large 60-bail rotary parlours.

Founder James Cleary brings a strong agricultural background to the table. A 2021 graduate with a BAgrSc in Animal and Crop Production from University College Dublin, James has practical experience working on his family’s 140-cow dairy farm. He has also gained valuable insights through placements with Grasstec Group, Dan O’Connor Feeds, Kepak, and Teagasc.

Dairy Data is a promising new player in the milk recording industry, offering a tailored approach and competitive services to Munster dairy farmers.