Milk Recording Service in Mid-West of Ireland

We have dairy farmer clients, who avail of our milk recording services, in Tipperary and surrounding counties. We record for all creameries – Arrabawn, Dairygold, Tirlan, Kerry, Tipperary Co-op and Centenary Co-op.

Why Choose Dairy Data as your Milk Recording Service?

  • We can provide an experienced technician to operate the electronic milk meters, if required.
  • We operate in a relatively small geographical area, so we get to know the dairy farmer personally and can offer them a personal service.
  • Our milk recording prices are very competitive.
  • As we are local to our clients, we can work to a schedule that suits the farmer.
  • We can help with explaining the milk recording reports, so the farmer can implement improvements to the herd.

Milk recording service

What Is Milk Recording?

Our farmer clients find that milk recording is a valuable service that allows them to track and analyze important data related to milk yields, somatic cell count, and milk quality in their dairy herd. It provides them with the ability to make informed decisions about their herd management, ultimately improving the productivity and health of their cows.

By accurately and consistently recording these metrics, the dairy farmer can identify their highest-performing cows, monitor milk production trends, and evaluate the effectiveness of their management practices. Milk recording offers flexible options that accommodate the farmers’ specific needs and preferences.

This service not only helps the farmer comply with industry guidelines and regulations but also allows them to monitor the effectiveness of dry cow therapy and assess pregnancy rates and future milk production levels.

Overall, milk recording plays a vital role in enhancing milk quality, industry standards, and the overall success of the dairy farming operations.

Benefits of Milk Recording

  • Enhanced herd management.
  • Improved milk quality.
  • Compliance with industry standards.
  • Identification of high-performing cows.
  • Monitoring milk production trends.
  • Assessment of pregnancy rates.
  • Effective evaluation of management practices.
  • Accurate measurement of milk volume.
  • Prediction of future milk production.
  • Impartial and accurate data analysis.
  • Timely receipt of milk samples.
  • Confidence in data accuracy

Getting Started with Milk Recording

How do I start?

Contact us and have the following details ready:

  1. Your Herd Number.
  2. Number of units in your parlour.
  3. When you want your first test.

Who will train me?

We will spend the first PM milking with you to
demonstrate how the system operates.

This low cost, low hassle system provides a great opportunity for you to get the necessary
data required to drive a profit based dairy breeding program.

Where to start with milk recording

Somatic Cell Counts and Milk Yields

Monitoring somatic cell counts in milk samples allows our clients to understand the relationship between SCC and milk yields, helping themto optimize their dairy farm’s productivity and profitability. When the SCC in milk is high, it indicates that the cow may have an udder infection, such as mastitis.
This infection can divert the cow’s resources away from milk production, resulting in lower milk yields. By regularly monitoring SCC, the farmer can identify cows with high cell counts and take appropriate measures, such as treating the infection and improving cow comfort, to minimize the negative impact on milk yields.

This proactive approach not only helps them maintain high milk production but also ensures the overall health and well-being of their cows.

Benefits of Monitoring SCC in Milk Samples

  • Optimizes milk yields.
  • Enhances cow health.
  • Improves milk quality.
  • Reduces financial losses.
  • Increases farm profitability.
  • Promotes sustainable farming practices.

Farmers are sent a text with the 5 highest SCC cows after each milk recording, this then means that the report is live on ICBF for your viewing.

Management Decisions

Making informed decisions about the dairy operation’s management is crucial for maximizing productivity and profitability in the competitive dairy industry. Dairy farmers understand the importance of taking proactive actions to improve their operations and ensure the success of their dairy farm. That’s why they rely on Dairy Data milk recording services to provide them with accurate insights and data.

Reporting on milk recording

Informed Decisions for Dairy Farmers

Dairy farmers rely on accurate information and data analysis to make informed decisions that optimize their herd management and ensure the profitability of the dairy farm. Dairy Data milk recording service provides them with the necessary data to make these decisions effectively.

Individual Animal Tracking

Through individual animal tracking, farmers gain valuable insights into the performance and health of their cows, allowing them to make informed management decisions. By closely monitoring each cow’s milk production and health data, they can identify patterns and trends that help optimize their care and maximize productivity. Here are some key benefits of individual animal tracking:

  • Early detection of health issues: By regularly recording data on somatic cell counts, the dairy farmer can quickly identify cows at risk of developing mastitis and provide timely treatment.
  • Identification of high-performing cows: Tracking individual milk yields helps identify the top producers, allowing focus on their management and potentially increase their milk production even further.
  • Evaluation of treatment effectiveness: With individual animal tracking, farmers can assess the effectiveness of specific treatments, such as dry cow therapy, and make adjustments if necessary.
  • Improved overall milk quality: By closely monitoring each cow’s milk quality data, dairy farmers can identify potential issues and take corrective actions to ensure high-quality milk production.
  • Future production forecasting: By analyzing historical data, they can make predictions about future milk production, enabling them to plan and make informed decisions for their herd.

Identify High SCC cows

Dry Cow Therapy and Other Treatments

Now let’s talk about the importance of dry cow therapy and other treatments when it comes to milk recording.
Dry cow therapy plays a crucial role in preventing udder infections during the dry period, ensuring the health of the cows. By administering antibiotics at the end of lactation, the farmer can safeguard their well-being and maintain high milk quality.

Through milk recording, the farmer can track the effectiveness of these treatments, allowing them to make informed decisions if adjustments are needed.

Additionally, milk recording also enables them to monitor other treatments, such as mastitis treatments, antibiotic treatments for specific diseases, and vaccinations. By keeping a close eye on how individual cows respond to these treatments, they can tailor their approach and ensure the overall health of their herd.

Electronic DIY Milk Recording

With electronic meters, we can easily monitor your herd, allowing you to make informed decisions for improved herd reproduction and udder health. These meters revolutionise milk sample collection, providing accurate measurements of milk volume and composition.

Here are 7 reasons why monitoring through electronic meters is beneficial:

  • No Recorder, No Writing, No Sampling by hand.
  • Cows’ IDs loaded direct from database
  • Meter Records Milk Volume Electronically.
  • Meter automatically agitates & takes sample.
  • Meters delivered – No Capital Purchase required.
  • Competitively priced, no recorder or office staff costs.
  • Reports –Summary, Animal Detail, SCC and CellCheck.

With electronic meters, we can take proactive steps to improve your herd’s reproduction and udder health, ultimately benefiting the entire farming community.

Advantages of Electronic Milk Meters for Farmers
– Farmer does not have to read weights –the meter does it.
– Farmer does not have to take sample – the meter does it.
– No writing for Farmer – cow ID, weights and sample is taken by meter automatically.
– Farmer does not have to buy any equipment – meters are delivered for each recording.
– Immediate printout of 24hr milk weights by cow – at end of 2nd milking.
– Quicker Turnaround as results are sent electronically to the database.
– Full training is given at first milking from technician based in your area.
– Competitively priced – no recorder, no keying required, no capital outlay for farmer.

Benefits to Dairy Farmers and the Industry as a Whole

As dairy farmers, you can increase your revenue and contribute to the industry’s growth by utilizing milk recording to improve milk quality and negotiate fair compensation for your animals.

By preventing infections like mastitis, you save on treatment costs and maintain the value of your milk. This improved quality allows you to fetch a higher price for your milk, directly impacting your revenue.

You can receive improved compensation for culled animals with positive tuberculosis reactions by demonstrating their value through milk recording.
By utilizing this service, you not only benefit yourselves but also contribute to the overall growth of the dairy industry.

Let’s embrace milk recording and enhance your success as dairy farmers.